Why Choose Us

Dedicated, Degreed Teachers

Nurturing, experienced, highly-trained teachers guide your little one through every critical stage of their development.

Hands-On, Experiential Learning

A proprietary play-based curriculum and amazing enrichments give your child a well-rounded, hands-on head start.

Daily Indoor & Outdoor Play

Large playgrounds and an indoor motor skills room offer the space and materials your child needs to support development.

Unmatched Field Trip Fun

Exciting field trips and in-house guests broaden your child’s perspectives on art, health, agriculture, community, and more.

Clean, Safe, & Secure Care

Daily cleaning and sanitization, security cameras, privacy fences, and CPR-certified teachers protect your child’s well-being.

Family-Owned & Family-First

The focus stays on family with parenting resources, free health screenings, and an open-door policy on communication.

CACFP Food Program Included

Your tuition includes healthy, delicious meals and snacks that meet all standards and account for allergies and sensitivities.

Stay In Touch With A FREE App

Connect with your child’s day with adorable photos, activity updates, and classroom announcements via a handy app.

How Old Is Your Child?


6 Wks - 18 Mts


1 - 2 ½ Years

Preschool & Pre-K

2 - 5 years

School Age

6 - 12 Years​

Summer Camp

6 - 12 Years​